The Great Friend

I have being with you from the beginning
And I will be there until the every end
I will be longest friend
But also your toughest critic
When the storm comes, and you feel pain, sorrow and hate
I will feel it with you
When the sun shines, and you feel joy, happiness and love
I will feel it with you
When your experience self doubt, sometimes I will lift you up
But in times your experience accomplishment sometimes I will bring you down
Your dreams, hopes, desires, your greatest fears, hardships and loses
I know them all, and I will always feel them with you,
When you love yourself, I love you too
When you hate yourself, I hate you too
Sometimes you try hard to find me, but I am hidden away
Open you thoughts to yourself and I am there

Gaze upon a mirror, and you see me and I see you
For I am you and you are me