My Guide to San Cristobal de las Casas Mexico(Vegan Eating Options)

After spending quite a few months on Island Holbox, Mexico I was seeking a new adventure with no idea of what to do. “Go to San Cristobal, you will love it.” said my good friend. So the next day I left and took a 24 hour ADO bus from Cancun to San Cristobal (950 pesos) and arrived in this lovely city high in the mountains.

I really had no idea what to expect from San Cristobal but safe to say, its a city worth visiting full of art, textiles, mayan culture and a load of cafes with vegan food. After spending 1 month in this awesome place, these are my tips to the city.

Places to Stay

Hostel Iguana is a lovely hostel located near the main food markets. With an amazing garden and view over the mountains, its great to chill or party. They have yoga daily, a funky bar and cooked breakfast that changes everyday. Beds range from 150 to 180 depending of the seasons.

Vegan Places to Eat

San Cristobal is a vegan’s heaven, which a nice change while traveling in Mexico. While there are any endless amount of cafes, these are my top picks.

Todo Vegano
Located on the main tourist street, this place has so many vegan snacks and even sell VEGAN CHEESE to take away. Try the chicken dumplings 30 pesos and delicious.

As the name states this places is the best town in town to get your falafel fix. Head there on a Sunday or Tuesday to get 2 for 1. A falafel wrap will sent you back about 65 pesos.

Jardin Tonantzin

This place is next door to Todo Vegano, with quiet a few vegan options. But please do yourself a favor and have a hot chocolate with coconut milk. It is amazing. Vegan burger is also good but ask for it with no mayo!!!


While this restaurant its my personally they best place to eat in the city.  Their pasta is amazing but they also sell curry. You have to ask to have things made vegan. The wine list is great and vegan friendly. During weeknights, they have live music from jazz to rock. Its a lively funky place. You feel like your in funky bar in Berlin, New York or even Melbourne. 

Places to Party


One of the main bars/clubs to out this place is funky. Tuesday night is Salsa night so get your grove on. Upstaris is really fun also dont forget to check it out.

La Vina De Bacco

Love this wine bar with a epic range of wines from all over the world this place is great. If you get a bottle of wine you also get free tapas. Glass of great wine start from 25 pesos.

Places to sightsee and explore.

Free Walking Tour
There is a free walking tour that runs at 10 am and 5pm from the town center. It goes from about 4 hours and is a great way to get some knowledge of the city.

Centro De Textiles Del Mundo
Amazing place if your interested in Textiles from the local Mexicans.

Mercado Municipal

This is the main food market in San Cris and its heaven. Local vendors sell an endless amount of fresh fruit and vegetables at prices you cant believe. Spend your time walking around. Also you can find an endless amount of beans and dry soy. If your vegan just avoid the meat section.,-92.6369602,18z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0xc43d0f8cdea76a99!2sIguana+Hostel!8m2!3d16.741746!4d-92.6360482!3m4!1s0x0:0x5740271d9457dc5b!8m2!3d16.7433803!4d-92.6363432

Sna Jolobil 

Great place to do some shopping for local Mexican things.,-92.6381457,18z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0xc43d0f8cdea76a99!2sIguana+Hostel!8m2!3d16.741746!4d-92.6360482!3m4!1s0x0:0x954a8c096d312495!8m2!3d16.742123!4d-92.6379941

Day Trips

San Cristobal is so close to many amazing national parks and adventures to explore the beauty of Chipas.

Canon Del Sumidero

This is a amazing Canon, a few hours from the city, where you can see monkeys and variety of wildlife. You can ask tour companies in the center for a tour. Its will sent you back around 200-400 pesos. The tour is worth it.

Chiflon Falls

Another waterfall about two hours from San Cristobal, you can do a tour or get a collectivo from the ADO station. I stayed the night here and was worth it. Camping cost 30 pesos per person or cabins start from 500 pesos. There is nothing better then waking up next to these amazing waterfalls. A collective plus entrance is around 140 pesos.

Palenque and Aqua Azul!!!!

Many people do a few days in Palenque, however I just stayed the day there. Aqua Azul are amazing waterfalls that are clear blue and will take your breath away. Then once you get to Palenque spend your time walking around one of the biggest Mayan Ruins in the world. Its great to get a guide for the park, they are full with so much information and take you places that you cant go without it. It was 100 pesos for 14 people to do the tour in the park. However if coming from San Cristobal to Palenque its great to get a tour from the city. As you get to see two waterfalls and the park with all transport. This costs around 350 to 500 depending what company you go through compared to the ADO bus which is already starting at 320 pesos.

Overall San Cristobal de Las Casas is a city that cant be missed in Mexico. With so much culture and things to do it is a must for everyone. Get blow away from how people from all around the world come to this charming and call it home.

If you have any questions or tips please free feel to message me.



8 ways to stop dreaming about traveling and make it happen!!!

Have you ever wanted to just pack your life up, for a time period and see sights that amaze you. While for some of us this may seem so far out of reach, it really is possible. If you put your mind to it you will achieve it! Having a dream of travel and a deep passion for it, will make it happen.However here are some tips to help you get going…

1.Budget, budget, budget

While budgeting is clearly the most obvious it can be hard to set goals and a budget that is easy to stick to. If your serious about seeing the world, the first thing is to cut your daily expenses. Such as eating out less, bringing coffee for home and learning when you say no buying more drinks. Take part of your pay and set it into an account you cant touch.

2. Book your ticket

Before you even have a good amount of savings, book your ticket. While this may seem far fetched, its a great way to motivate yourself to budget and save even more. Having a set date of when you will travel, will make it easy to cut things out of your life and have something to look forward to.

3. Watch travel videos

There is no better way to inspire yourself then to watch people that are already doing it. There are endless amount of vlogs on youtube of people posting on their travels. Find good travel documentaries of the places you want to visit, it will make you dream of them. And isn’t it great doing to bed dreaming of what you want to achieve ?

4. Travel books

Buy travels and guides, start planing and creating an idea of where you want to go and what it will be like through the help of the best. Even reading about different activities to do aboard and what places to stay will help you a lot. And put into perspective what your life will be like while on the road.

5. Learn a new language

Learning is a new language is a new way to get you moving. If you spend time devoted to speaking a foreign tongue, you will automatically learn about a new cultural and want to practice it. There is no getting feeling then being able to communicate in a language you once didn’t.

6.Surround yourself with supportive people

Before you leave, ensure that the people in your life support of goals and idea to travel. For some, leaving their life for a new land its crazy. Having good friends and family that encourage and support you is a great way to get you going, and make sure you don’t off path.

7. Stick to your plan

Stick to your travel plans, sometimes in life this arise that you may not plan. But sticking your plan and your budget will make it happen. Stay strong and understand traveling will be one of the best things you do in life, and no matter what happens you will always remember it.

8. Get ready to leave

Sometimes leaving your home to travel for a long period of time, is not just a case of packing your bag and leaving. There are tears at goodbye and questions if your making the right decision. Have an understanding that travel, may not be what you expected but you will  learn so much more then you ever imagined…

“The gladdest moment in human life, I think , is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

10 ways to learn a new language

1.Choose one language of a place that interests you

Some many people when choosing to learn a new language, have a hard time choosing.

From french, to Chinese or even Russian. How do you start ? First you must choose a language of a country that interests you or that you think you may use. For example the second language I learnt was French, as I had a general passion for French.

2. Enroll in classes or buy a language book

The first step is to enroll in a language course, if you need help when studying this is perfect for you but search around because sometimes prices can be expensive. If a classes don’t fit your lifestyle, then buy a book. For this you will need self-motivation, and practice and also to search the sound on google translate.

3. Download Duolingo

Duolingo is a great free app that can be downloaded to androrid or apple. While there are only a few languages to select from if you have the choice of your language then do it. It works on your writing, listen and hearing abilities. Do this while on the bus or just in general spare time to enhance your skills.

4. Listen to music in the choice of your language

Downloading and listening to music in the choice of your language is a fun way to learn new words and keep up your pronunciation. Even dancing to the music and knowing the words in a way to have fun with it.

5. Put post-stick notes everywhere

Putting post-stick notes all over your house of objects is an amazing way to remember and learn words. For example put a post-stick note of your door, of the word of your chosen language, also under write the sound of the word.

6. Learn the sound of the vowels

If you are learning a latin based language learning the vowels will ensure you can speak the words correctly. It will also make it easier to sound words out and form the sound of it in head even if you are unsure of how the other letters are.

7. Talk to native speaks of the language

Speaking with a native speaker is one of the best ways to speak a language, not only will they help you to speak correctly but you will be able to understand what they are saying. Also when you speak with a native speaker you learn words that are more commonly used  . There are times when you may use the formal way to speak a language but it may not really be spoken in the country.

8. Ensure you practice at least 30 minutes per day

To make sure that you that you are learning and able to speak you must practice, practice. Doing at least 30 minutes per day will ensure that your are getting the most out of your learning.

9. Confidence

One of the most important things is confidence and trying to speak it even if you are not perfect. So many people study a language for years and cant even speak it. In order to speak you must try.


The final thing is to book your flight and go to the country. There is no better way to learn then to immerse yourself in the culture. Also by not speaking english and forcing yourself to converse in that language you will learn. It will be much better then any of the of the 9 steps above. There is no greater feeling then being able to speak fluently in more then one language.

11 Reasons you should travel the world alone

Have you ever wanted to travel to an amazing destination, or perhaps pack your bag and see the wonderful sights of the world for six months or more. For many, people this is the case. However some of us of have fear to do so, the world can be a scary place! Perhaps you don’t have anyone to travel with or no  one wants to go to your chosen country. But let me assure you this should not hold you back. While I have travelled with people and also in groups at times, most of all my travel I did alone, starting at 18 with nothing but a backpack. This time period of traveling myself for a few years, is the best thing I have ever done. And these are the reasons you should do so. ..


One of the best things to experience in life is nothing, utter freedom. Traveling alone you have no responsibilities and your free to go wherever you want to rome. You could be in Asia one day and the next randomly book a flight to Europe. You can go with the flow, and the best thing is you find a place you want to stay for longer you can do so. For the first time in life you don’t have to worry about people in your daily life, and for a time this is freshening.

2.The people

Meeting friends and even partners on the road, is what makes traveling alone amazing. Normally if you traveling with friends, your most likely to just hang with them. But when your alone you don’t have this, your forced to talk to strangers and meet people from all walks of life. This will not only open your mind, but you will discover you can be friends with people you didn’t even know exist. You will meet countless people over your travels that will blow your away, some you will ever see again but other you will be life long friends with .

3. You learn there truly are lovely people in the world

Traveling in general can place you some very random circumstances, and without a friends to depend on sometimes you need to seek the help of a stranger. Whether it’s being lost in a country, serve sickness or just finding a place to stay at night. You will learn there are some many lovely people in the world willing to help if you just ask. You find that instead of the world being scary, there are amazing people everywhere and most don’t expect anything in return if you ask for help.

4. You boost your self-confidence

Even if you have self-confidence before you leave for traveling, you find something greater from solo travel. After doing many things, maybe you didn’t even know it was possible for you to achieve. From trekking a mountain and pushing yourself into new things, you learn how to be comfortable with your decisions and learn to trust your them without anyone’s approval.  You will also gain a feeling of great self-achievement that no one helped you gain but your determination and that is bliss.

5. You gain a new insight into the world

Traveling in general opens people’s mind, but its really when you get to spend the time in new places and meet new people alone that you mind opens. You have time to explore new ideas and understand these new findings. You will find yourself questioning views that you had on the world, and be so happy that maybe they have changed for the better.

6. You will learn how to budget and stick to it

Budgeting can be a learn curve for anyone, but when you travel alone, there is no pressure to spend your money in a way that you may not want. Perhaps your friend wants to do an activity your not to fussed about, but when traveling with them you feel the need too. There is some about saving all your money into a bank account, and discovering how you like to spend it. No one is there telling you to live a certain way and in turn you can do whatever you want. Traveling alone not alone helps you not only to budget while overseas but also while at home, saving for something.

7. You will to appreciate what you have back home

Being alone away from your normal friends, family and life really makes you value what you have back home. Sometimes you need to step out of your world to see, that what you have this truly is awesome. That your good friends will support you whatever you choose to do in life. You may see that people don’t live as well as you, for many of us having food, a house, and safety is something we overlook all the time. Also being away from things this really teach you how to value the time you have with them or the things you have.

8. You will learn to live in the moment fully

Seeing things that take your breath away everyday and from all the goodbye’s for the awesome people you meet makes you really live life. You learn that life is short and that you must grasps everything that comes your way. Whether its enjoying a meal, or taking the time to listen people properly. Everything that comes your way you will embrace and ensure that you are happy with everything in your life.

9. You will gain a endless lists of life skills

From all your experiences you will come back with a skill set you never had before. Whether is being able to ask a stranger any question you want, from improving your cooking, to being able to accept everything that the world throws at you. There is too many things to list, but every solo travel comes back with skills they didn’t have before. Mine personally is my ability to speak more then three languages fluently.

10. You will fall in love

Travel romance is also bound to happen when you travel alone, and although that love may only last a few days, weeks or months you will discover a different kind of love. Meeting someone traveling, takes you away from all the social norms of when you fall in love at home. Maybe after only knowing someone for a fews days, they change your world. And even its ends, you will be happy that you got you spend your time with an amazing person. As it’s said “its better to be loved, then have no love at all. “

11. Even when your traveling alone, your never really alone.

From all the movement, that you do and all the people that you will meet, you never really are alone. There will always be someone to hang with, to do things with. Some much in fact sometimes it can be to much, and may need to seek out doing somethings alone. You will meet people that you will visit at later dates, from after all the world is a small place.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

8 Things People dont tell you after you travel

There are all types of people in the world, but there are a large group of humans, that fight against the norm and packed their lives into a bag for a large period of time, or perhaps forever. Smelling indescribable scents, hearing foreigns sounds and seeing sights that will never be forgotten. However after all the magically things are over, the journey is done, there are a number of unspoken phenomenons….

1. Everything will be the same as you left it

Travel not only opens people but also can change ones whole world view and who you are. You have changed so much but you find your home the same as you left it. Your friends and family are doing similar things to what they used to. There is not much change to your city, the way of life is the same. And your view on where your from will mostly likely change.

2. Post Travel Depression

Even if you love your home and are happy to be there. There is a time period, where you just feel stuck, bored and question life. It can be hard to settle into the typically 9 to 5 norm, especially after having your breath take away almost everyday. Every more so, when all you want to do is talk and remember that amazing time period of your life. But your friends struggle to see why you feel this way, or why your unhappy at home. As if your home, is not for you anymore.

3. Missing the people you meet aboard

If missing people from home while you were overseas wasn’t hard enough, now you have to miss the life time friends you have made. Bonds are made quickly and strong on the road, seeing people from all walks of life and countries come together. These people may have become your family or home for a time period and then their gone. And although you will meet again, you have to leave so many of them time and time again. Maybe they know you better then people from back home.

4. You do foriegn customs without realising it

Each country has their own set of habits and customs, and if you spend a while in one place you start doing small things too without realising. It’s maybe eating lunch as your main meal or saying cheers with every drink. Small things are ingrained into you.  But back in your home you discover after many people mention to you that what you doing is odd you have a few new habits.

5. A very real lust for authentic foreign food

After you get over trying all the food from your home that you didn’t have for a while your traveling such as vegemite(my pick), you miss the food that was like something you have never tasted. Even though there many amazing restaurants that may sell “authentic foreign food” its just not the same. That perfect curry and real tacos even its almost the same, its not!!

6. You struggle to remember the new languages or phrases you learnt

Perhaps you have learnt a few new languages or even phrases while overseas and your proud that you know it. But months past you slowly start forgetting the words and you will try at one point to remember of relearn them, but its get harder and harder the long you stay.

7. You will research new places to travel

If you have a time to yourself or a spare moment in time, its most likely you look at travel photos, blogs and even videos. This gives you a way to still connect to travel, while being able to dream of the next adventure even if its not anytime soon. The idea of a different country can perhaps even get you through a “normal” week.

8. You realise travel will be your greatest love affair of all time

For all the things you do in life, your hobbies, friends and lovers, nothing can compare your love of the road or the unknown. From the thrills, to the low moments, it is all worth it and there are not real words to describe this passion or what you done or felt.

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quiestest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”

London-A very detailed guide!

Loud, likeable and lovely London, there are many words to describe this crazy, huge city. With so many different museums, sights and foods to discovery there are endless opportunities of what one can do. However after spending around a month in this great city, here is my very large guide to London.

If you are looking for the typical tourist attractions in Central London, then look no further then the following.

The main big sights are as follows

1. Trafalgar square

2. Buckingham Palace

3. The Southbank

4. St James Park

5. Regents Park

6. Hyde Park

7.Houses of Parliament

8.Westminster Abbey

9. The changing of the Guard

10. Tower Bridge/Tower of London

11. Covent Garden

12. The London Eye

Follow the tube to find a variety of different parts and sections to this great city.

The first tube I will share with you is Oxford Circus

Oxford circus, this leads to the two main shopping streets, Oxford street and Regent street (which is much prettier), they are both usually really busy and only good if you really need something from a big store, but next to Oxfrod circus is Carnaby street, Liberty department store at the beginning of this street is beautiful, Carnaby then leads on into Soho.
Theres a few good vintage shops here…

Beyond Retro on Great Marlborough street (also a good tea place here called Yum Cha and theres a Marks and Spencers where you can exchange your money), Absolute Vintage, Reign and Bang Bang on Berwick street. Berwick street is also really good for street food Monday – Friday and a place called Flat White serves really great coffee.

Theres loads of bars and places to eat around here.
On Lexington street there is Mildreds vegetarian restaurant,
Fernandez and Wells coffee/wine bar
Andrew Edmonds is a really sweet tiny restaurant, basically you can’t go wrong with food on this street.

On Wardour street there is an AMAZING italian bakery called Princi
A good houmous place opposite called Houmous Bros and up the road is the Hummingbird bakery which is really famous for its cupcakes.

If you want good japanese food there is a Japanese supermarketon.
Brewer street and a really good restaurant opposite called Taro.

Off Wardour Street is Old Compton street which is the kind of gay district of London, some good bars at the end of this, go to La Boheme if you’re looking for a paris theme. Theres also Bar Italia which is a really chilled little coffee/bar/food place. Around the corner from here on Charing Cross road, there is a huge bookstore called Foyles if you’re in need of books. Theres also a book/dvd/record shop on this road called Fop where you can pick up some cheap books.

Going out in this area is great, theres loads of pubs, Hip Hop Kareaoke at The Social on Little Portland street is fun and the upstairs bar is really cool. If you like 60s/rock n’roll theres a night on a thursday called Gazza’s at the St Moritz club which isn’t far from here, sometimes it can be amazing, sometimes it can be a bit rubbish, go with a good group of people!

The little bar that serves cocktails in teacups in a basement is called Bourne and Hollingsworth on Rathbone Place.

Theres also a bar called Two floors on Kingly Street (next to carnaby) which is nice, next to this there is also a jazz club!

All of these places are within quite a small space, it’d take you 10 minutes tops to walk between the two furthest from each other.

Around the river

Borough Market
Nearest tube is London Bridge, open Thrusday, Friday and Saturday. This market is a great place to have a stroll around.  If you want a day by the river, walk with the river on your right.

After the market is, Shakespeares globe. Here you can see great plays for only 5pound and no need to book in advance.  If you want to see a play, just rock up and pay around 5pound

After Shakespeares globe you have Millenium bridge which leads you to St Pauls Cathedral. Both are worth a look, the cathedral is pretty, on the opposite side. However if you stay on the same side (Southbank), you’ll be by the Tate Modern, the biggest contemporary art gallery, its free but even if you don’t go round it all its always worth checking out whats in the main Turbine Hall.

You should rejoin around The National Theatre, next to this is the Haywood gallery which is a really good gallery but you have to pay to get in. Theres also the British Film Institute that has an amazing cinema and a really good film library in the mediatheque. This is above the Southbank skate spot and further along here is mainly restaurants, if you’re going to go to one I would go to the Mexican place Wahaca but theyre all chain restaurants so not the best for culture. If you take the footbridge accross the river by Wagamama (waterloo) you’ll come out the other side to a street called Villiers Street, on here is a really really good wine bar called Gordons wine bar, it gets very busy, so best to go early but its all cave like and cosy! This would then lead you to Charing Cross which is right by Trafalgar square and the end of the Mall by Buckingham Palace.


The best, best, best place in London for food is in the markets in Brixton Franco Manca makes amazing pizza, Honest burgers good burgers obvs, Rosies deli is a really sweet little delicatessan, but if you just wonder around Brixton Village (theres two undercover markets, this ones got a lot more in) you’ll find Thai, japanese, west indian, british, portugese, italian, spanish….loadsss and all real cheap and most of which are bring your own booze. Open late Thurs-Saturday.

The Effra pub in Brixton is great for jazz, especially on a thursday.
Just north of here in Camberwell are loads of pubs, The hermits cave, The Bear, The Tiger are all good. The best fallafel I’ve ever eaten is on camberwell church street and its simply called ‘Fallafel’, theres also a really nice non-greasy chinese called silk road and a good little italian called Caravaggio on the same street.
Next to here is Peckham. Theres a really good bar called Bar Story thats under the railway tracks on Blenheim Grove, its only open until 10.30 but theres a good pub nearby called The Montpellier which is open until 1. Theres also a pool hall on Rye lane thats open til 4 and quite often has student run nights with good music. Theres also The Bussy building on Rye lane which is good to go dancing!

These parts of London are my favourite, and theyre still a bit more undiscovered by people who don’t live there so I would try and stay in the area and try these places out. It has a reputation for being a bit of a rougher area but its really not that unsafe and Ive never had a problem there.

 The most beautiful park in London and one of my favourite places is Greenwich Park, its a really nice little villagey place too and the park has deer and observatory and the maritime museum and the BEST viez of London.


Brick lane (nearest tube is Liverpool Street) good vintage shops around here, look for Beyond retro on Cheshire street, Blitz Vintage on Hanbury street and theres a few dotted along brick lane.

Also loads of curry places around here but the best one is further out on Fieldgate Street, its called Tayabs. 

Theres 2 really good Bagel shops further up brick lane (walking direction of shoreditch) that do really good bagels for about 120pound From here if you head up brick lane and turn left towards shoreditch you’ll pass the Boxpark which is worth checking out. Go right from here and that gets you to the main junction. Off here if you head up towards Old street, there loads of bars, The book club is a really sweet bar with a nice atmosphere and theres gigs at the old blue but its not one of my fave places, I’m rubbish with remembering the names of bars round here but theres tons so you can easily wonder around and find something and thurs-sat they will be open until about 2 and theres a few around that will open past that. (the tube here would be Old Street)

Back to shoreditch, if you head straight up Kingsland road theres the best Vietnamese places and again a few to pick from, I’ve been to 3 different ones and they were all good! Theres also a nice little wholefoods store here with a good cafe in the back.

Going further up Kingsland road you’ll get to Dalston (I would definitely get a bus from shoreditch to here or its a 30/40min walk with not much to see on the way) I haven’t been here in the day much but theres some real good turkish places to eat at in the eve. The Alibi is a club that can be quite fun, on Mondays (or maybe tues I cant remember!) they show a film followed by heavy metal karaeoke, the film can be a bit quiet but it gets busy later on and its a free club to get into at the weekend, open til about 4. Theres also the pool hall Efes pool hall thats open late and nearby here is Passing clouds which is definitely worth checking out

The other direction from Shoreditch can take you all the way up to Broadway market, a really great street for little pubs and bars and its by a park and canal which is nice!

Just before that is Colombia road which is really great on a sunday, a big flower market with loads of little shops, nice pubs and street music.


 I dont know this area so well however the main sights.

 Harrods!!! The huge department store that is beautiful and ridiculously expensive but you have to go see

Near here is also the museum district: The Victoria and Albert musuem which again is beautiful, The natural History and The Science Museum – all free! And theyre all pretty good.

Its all also next to Hyde Park/Kensigton gardens which are really nice.

The Saatchi Gallery is a really nice gallery (nearest tube Sloane square) and this whole are is quite nice to walk around in and feel grand.

Further out is Notting Hill, again beautiful area and its worth going to Portobello market, lots of vintage things and antiques! The Nottinghill Arts club is also a good bar/club.

Extra Highlights

The Wolseley in Picadilly is beautiful (they now have a french brasserie sister restaraunt called Zedel on picadilly circus that is amazing and not-too-expensive)

The Soho Hotel in soho (if you want to splash out, its about 25 pp and you may need to book)

Drink Shop and Do near kings cross – which is also a really great bar too! Definitely check it out,_Shop_%26_Do/Drink,_Shop_%26_Do_%E2%80%94_Home.html

 Galleries worth checking out – Hausser and Wirth in Picadilly, Haunch of Venison in Picadilly, Gasworks in Vauxhall, White Cube in Hoxton, Picadilly and Bermondsey, Matts Gallery in Mile End (this is quite far out), Saatchi, National Gallery (for a Louvre type place), South London Gallery in camberwell (if youre around there).

And after a long read, that bella guide to London.