10 Things to Do in Berlin on a Budget

Countless cities, countries and towns I have wander to across the globe, however there is no place like my top city. The big, beautiful and blissful Berlin. For me, there is no place just quiet like it. From the amazing cheap eats, to the alternative art and music culture, to amazing history and most of all friendly Berliners. Just like any big city there are an endless amount of things going here, but here are my 10 top picks for things to do on a budget in Berlin. Enjoy!!

1. Walking tour with Sandemans New Europe Berlin

Sandemans is a lovely company that does free walking tours across many major cities in Europe. Take a lovely walk around the city and learn about the most popular attractions and places to eat. While the free walking tour, is great my pick is the alternative city tour.  This amazing tour with set you back 10euro and is worth every penny. If you like street art this one is a must, your guide will take you all the back streets and you get to see the works of some great artist such as Banksy and Lucy in the Sky. Tours run daily. See the website below.


2. Eat a famous Döner

Every single German will tell you about their amazing creation of a Döner. Similar to a kebab the Döner is a  turkish style mouth watering food, fill it with salad, feta and spicy sauce. There are a variety of meats that you can choose from. If your vegetarian every Doner shop, also makes them with falafel. These bad boys will set you back a max of 3.50euro and around 2euro for veggie one. There are countless amount of places that make this however a few of my top picks are located on Warschauer Strasse in Friedrichshain. See map below


3. On a Sunday head to Mauerpark Flea Market

If your into fleamarkets, shopping or even like to browse, Mauerpark Flea Market is a must.  Popular with locals and tourist this wonderful markets is filled with everything one could desire. From trendy vintage clothes, to books, to junk, to food and everything at a good prices. This is one of my top picks to do. Looking for a bike why not pick one up for around 30 euro or cool gifts for people back home. One of best buys was a uber cool jacket, which has followed me around the global. See this website for more details.


4. Head to see a sneak preview

There a number of cinemas in Berlin that hold sneak previews, before I went to Berlin I never knew what one was. Pretty much you pay 5 euro to see a film, but you have no idea what you are going to watch. The movies you will see are generally independently produced and foreign. Its great, you can bring in your own beer and food and sit back and be blow away. However please note normally the movies are not in English but will have subtitles in French and German. Head to CineStar on a Tuesday night, be a little early to get a seat. See the website below


5. Kayak the Berlin River

If your looking to do something a bit active and see Berlin from a different point of view. Head to pedaes and rent a two person kayak, its an awesome way to see different sights of the city from the water. Its nice to bring some food and have a snack while paddling, its even better just before sunset, so you can see the sun go down over the magical city. Prices start at $8 euro for an hour. See website below for more details.


6. Grab a beer at an uber cool bar.

There are a number of some cool and hidden bars in Berlin, however one of the best that I love is called Dachkammer. Located in Friedrichshain, this awesome bar has two levels, the first is more like a typical cocktail bar, however head to the second level and find a number of rooms with numerous vintage couches and tables. See the website below. They even have a private smoking room, for anyone that smokes and wants to keep warm in the winter.


7. Head to Boxhagener Platz

Boxhagener Platz is a awesome sqaure that has a number of places to eat and shop. Head here for a more local side of Berlin. If you fancy a burger, try one of the famous masterpieces at Burgeramt. Great vegetarian and meat options, all burgers come with fries and costs around 8 euro. See the website below


8. Walk around Mitte

Mitte is the financial area of Berlin, however there a number of museums and art galleries is this area. You can spend a few hours strolling around and looking at the famous sights. You can even see a piece of the Berlin Wall. See this website for more information.


9. Take a Old School Automatic Photo

Throughout Berlin there are number of old school photo booths, all of them are in black and white and are still the same ones from  the 70s. These photos will cost you $5 for 5. Super fun to do with friend or even as a selfie.

10. Party all night long

Berlin is known to be one the best party cities in the world, here its possible to party all day and all night if you know where to look. Watergate is an amazing club, with the downstairs level having a panorama windows the look over the Berlin river, its also said to have one the best sound systems in Europe. Dress to impress here, the bouncers can be strict with who they let in, especially foreigners and anyone that is not hip enough.


Hope you liked this post, having lived in Berlin for a few months I know many more areas. Let me know if you want advice.

Ps Sorry for the quality of the photos



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