My one and only !

A poem for you!

You are the one and only for me
For you make my heart sing,

you bring light to my life
The taste of your lips, so soft so tender
I long for them all the time
So delicious, the best I have ever known
When i see you smile,
I smile to because my heart is filled with happiness
so many memories, that makes my soul go wild
Your amazing being, Im so lucky and blissful
I can call you mine, please know
no matter where we go in life,
no matter what happens
nothing can rock us
for our love and all we have being through
gives the strongest foundation to conquer
whatever we need and whatever we could want
I am yours now and always
and I cant wait to see you what life brings to us
for i know its going to magical,
everyday you give you light
even if you dont know it
even if i dont say it all the time
I belong to you, my life, my soul, my man
your are and always will be the love of my life


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