Beautiful Bali

Bali what a great place! So many people I know, think Bali is over rated. That crazy drunk backpackers and the Australians fill the streets, making its not the best place to holiday  But with sandy white beaches, amazing sunsets , cheap eats and the chilled vibe. Why would you not want to come to this magical place?

Im currently lucky enough to stay in The Kuta heritage beach hotel, what an amazing hotel. Its safe to say, that this is possibly one the nicest places I have stayed. The highlight to this place, is the amazing rooftop pool/bar where you can watch stunning sunsets and laze around in pool chairs. Also late at night, the hotels has a number of coloured lights in the pool. Wow, what a sight. Also you cant go wrong with the buffet breakfast for only $10(US) per night. With all food you could possibly want, fresh balinese cafe and my choice fresh lychees with fresh banana yogurt . While Im not one to rave about hotels or hostels, this one is definitely worth it.
See the website below

Kuta is an nice area of Bali, while its famous for the nightlife, there are areas which are not so crazy, and the beach is stunning. Walk along the Kuta beach to find a variety of beach chairs, where you can order any drink you want from juice to a beer, generally at a fair price. You can hire a fews chair for the day and get a couple of drinks for around 100,000 Indonesian rupiah(  $10 Australian dollars). If you know how to surf or want to learn Kuta Beach is great, the waves have being relaxing while not to hard for new comers. You can hire a board any size for about $3(us) for an hour or $7(us) for the day.

Balinese people, seem to a very friendly bunch, and so polite, however be careful of the scammers and people wanting to get the most money out of you. Balinese vendors and women walk along the beach, and will almost offer you anything from a hat, to a massage, to hair braiding. Well its can be very nice to have these things right at your fingers, ensure you  bargain for a good price and if your not interested say No, thankyou firmly with a smile on your face. Its always great to learn a few greetings in any  foreign country you travel too. Here are a few basic ones Balinese words that I have picked up.

Suksema- ( Suk sim ma) -Thank-you
Mewali- (Me-wali)-Your welcome
Mahal- (Ma-hal) Expensive
Murah- (Mu-rah)Cheap
Apa kabar-(Apa ka-bar)-  How are you ?
Bagus- (ba-gus) -good

Overall, while I have only being in Bali for four nights, Im having a great time, check out my photos below and comment if you want any advice. More to come soon of tips and information on Bali.

Peace out







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