13 Things to do in New York on a Budget !

New York is a massive city with an endless amount of things to do. After visiting New York 4 times for a total of 3months. Here are my top 13 tips for low cost activities from those on a budget. Enjoy

1. Free walking tour!!

Doing a free walk tour is a great way to see parts of the city and have a professional guide tell you, the ins and out of the city. I personally enjoy the night time tour, when you are shown city lights and hidden bars and great eats in CBD. All the guides are full of endless information, tours run daily and there a number that you can do. While I said free walking tour, a tip is required. However pay what you think its worth, sometimes I paid $30, other times $2. Here is the link when you book and discover what tour is best for you.


2. Moma( Museum of Modern Art)

Going to Moma is one of my favorite places to visit in New York. There a endless amount of artwork and collections that have something to suit everyone. Go here, if you have any interest in art or even if you are looking for a place to explore for a few hours. TO top this all off on Friday night from 5pm to 8pm Moma is pay as you wish.  This means that you can pay a little as a quarter for amazing art. For more information on the Moma, look at the website below.


3. American Museum of National History

Famous from many films this great Museum is worth a visit, from dinosaurs to displays from the nature and life from every continent. You can spend hours walking around this great attraction. Similar to MOMA, the American Museum of National History is pay as you like, meaning you pay whatever you like to enter, 6 days a week. The stated cost is $25 us dollars, but they will accept anything. The website is below.


4. Have a picnic and stroll through Central Park

Central Park is one of biggest park in the world right the middle of the city. So go, its famous everywhere and there is some much to do. From amazing gardens to wildlife(the squirrels are super cute), listen to the musicians and watch the performers. Best of all its free of charge and and so many different sections. Top for your time with a prepared picnic.


5. Go to Trader Joe’s 

Now this is a bit of a random pick to do in New York, however if your looking to save money on food, Trader Joe’s is a lifesaver. Traders Joe’s is a massive organic supermarket and they are a number in New York, however the one  at Union Square Station is a pick. If you love organic, healthy food at a crazy low price go here. Now shopping here is even an experience its self. Depending on what time you go, the line can be out the door but dont worry, staff with come around with free food samples. Ps If your vegetarian, do yourself a favor and buy the brazil and tomato sausages. Traders Joe’s is perfect in you want to go on a picnic, also the beer selection here is pretty good!


6. Upstanding citizens brigade(UBC Theatre)

Have a laugh and see a great comedy show at UBC, there are few different locations in New York, but every single shows is sure to impress. And even better, everyday they have free shows. however its first in best dressed, so important to arrive about an hour early to get a seat. There are variety of shows, and sometimes even celebrity appearances. Check times and different shows below.

7. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Take a scroll over one the most famous bridges in the world and take in amazing views of the whole city. In the day or night is great but the best time to go is sunset and to see the city being touched by amazing light. Great time for taking snaps and even better its free!! More information here

8. Watch the sunset over Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is located in Brooklyn and its right next the river, giving one the best views to see the sunset. There are number of sporting fields and locals going around their daily business. Also there are number of lovely chairs and tables located next to free grills, so cook something and watch the sunset. Also there are many free events that take place here, check the website to see if there is anything when you are there.


9. Eat a $1 slice of New York Pizza

One of the most famous things from New York is the pizza, there are endless amount of pizza places all throughout the city. A number of them are so yummy, that it will keep you wanting more. Trying a number of pizza places, I found my fav pizza place called Jimmy Pizza Shop located in Bushwhick in Brookyln. Order a large pie for $8 and have your mouth water. Follow the link below for location and yelp reviews.


10. Listen to some amazing tunes, drink and bowl at Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn bowl in the an amazing bowling alley, that is so much more. The also have two large bar areas, and often have bands play mostly alternative music. However there are also are number of events that take place. Go on a Wednesday for a dance party. Entry is around $10 but really worth it, if you looking for a fun local bar. Website below


11. Walk around Befford Av Williamsburg

Williamsburg is the hippest part of New York, walk along Befford Av and the streets around it to stumble upon great cafes, bars, bookstores, markets and some awesome vintage shopping. Top it off with heading to the Williamsburg park and get some of the best shots of the New York skyline. There are also always a number of events going on. Check out the link below for more information.


12. Explore Chinatown and eat at very low cost

Chinatown is a very interesting part of New York, there are a number of great places to eat, at affordable prices. There are even times when you feel like your not in New York anymore, but a street somewhere in Asia. Also if you looking for some cheap buys, such as fake designer bags, this is your place. Scroll away to find a number of random cultural events, such as free Asian movies or food. Check this website for more information


13. Use the Subway

New York is connected by its famous subway, its very easy to use and much cheaper then taxis. If you are going to be in New York for 7days, you can buy a pass for $30 for unlimited travel. Each station has a transport person working who are happy to give you information and also maps of the subway. Use the NYC transport site for more information


Please free to comment or email me if you have any questions.


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